Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nude Photos

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Her Owner's Largest Breasts Indonesia

Owner girl Biggest Breasts In Indonesia, it seems pretty lucky girl, born with a sexy posture and has a large breasts. Everyone knows, every woman dreams to have breasts or large breasts. why is that?
Not free from the influence of the man himself was clearly want to have spouse of a woman with large breasts size .. if there is a man who said "I do not like big breasted women," perhaps he was abnormal.

Sign Orgasm in Women

Orgasm is the peak in an intimate relationship alias ML. Orgasm is not always apparent to the surface, especially women.
Due to various factors, many of the women who have difficulty expressing the peak of orgasm. There is an expressive, there is also the only form of body signals.

Here are the signs of women have an orgasm during ML. These signs are important to men in order to set the rhythm as ML.

1. Physical signs
Female orgasm knowable can be seen from the expansion of the genital organ blood flow to the area. Genital organ tissue becomes darker, especially on the lips of Mrs. V.
Other marks, clitoral organ is not only expanding but also slightly thickened. Other signs, organ around the breast, especially in putting, will stand erect, hardened and stiff.
Then the area around the pelvis raised. Women also usually spend quite a lot of fluid from the Mes V. Fingers from the toe to the hand was shaking. Also a contraction in the vaginal organ and as squeezes Mr. Dick.

Way Squeezing Breast Woman

Indeed, for the lesson that one does not need to learn because it will be understood as well but it is good I will keep posting how to squeeze the breast is good and right, it's special for the boys:

     * From the front, use two hands to position 4 fingers below. Take half of the breast and squeezed him a little lift. Do it gently.
     * From the front, use two hands with four fingers on top position. In this way the thumb is more active in the nipple area of her. Do it gently.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Before and after: CARMELLA BING

Which Carmella you prefer?

Gianna, Shyla, and Carmella... and my car!

Gianna, Shyla and Carmella